MS Forms Submission bug?

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Hello all,


We recently used MS Forms to obtain a feedback from our users. The feedback is important and we needed to obtain them within a limited timeline. 


Once we got all feedback we made a synthesis and one of our user complained that his feedback was not taken into account.

We checked all responses but we could not find anything from that particular user.


Could you please tell me if it is possible to submit a form and that MS Form is not able to process it (bug), or that this user has possibly missed the submit button? Are you aware of a bug in MS Forms that prevents the submission?


Thank you.

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@MissLoz I'm not aware of any bug and at my company we've never - at least that we know of - had an issue with a form not being submitted. As you surmised, it could be that s/he missed the submit button. Another cause might be if you've got a mandatory answer which the user hadn't completed and they closed the form thinking they had completed it but hadn't because the mandatory question hadn't been answered. Sorry, that's all I can think of, I don't think there's a bug.


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Thank you Rob.