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We use MS Forms a lot at our School/College and would love to have the functionality wherein Students & Parents can 'Reserve' places at school events by using a MS Form. Crucially the form would have to display the number of seats/places available depending on the responses already submitted. (There is no need for ticketing/transactions, just the simple ability to reserve a place and see how many places are left - We could then mine the Database before the event and adjust event locations/seats etc accordingly)


Something along the lines of:

Art Presentation - 6.30 - Room A1 - 25 Places Available (15 places left)

Biology Lecture - 6.40 - Room B2 - 25 Places Available (6 places left)


I realise this would require the need for the form data to update the form depending on the responses received but it can't be Rocket Surgery....or could it? Any thoughts.

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@BudehavenResources there is no way for that to be done with Forms as it can't query a SharePoint list before a user completes it. You would need to use a Power Apps form linked to a Sharepoint list for the event. Then it starts to become possible.


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