MS forms responses from different users merged

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I'm new to MS Forms.

I've created a few forms with many questions, mainly Ratings. Since the reports can't give me the email address of the respondents (they show as anonymous), I've added a mandatory question asking for the person's name. I've tested with a friend that sent 3 times the same form with 3 different question/names. When I downloaded the results in Excel, I got 3 lines, clearly identified, with all questions and their answers.


So I went on and released the different forms. I sent an email with all the links to all responders.

I got the results from 3 different persons and their answers were all merged into the same Excel line. 

On the form's response screen , I see 3 responses for the question name and only 1 response for some other questions.


The only difference between the forms are the number of questions. It tested with a prototype form and it worked fine. Now that I've created all my forms ( 7 forms with >50 questions) the solution of using a question to get the name doesn't seem to work at all.

What am I doing wrong ?

Is there a way to check from your side what's going on?



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Today the responses are working. When I open the responses in Excel the file name as a number between () that shows the number of respondents. ex: filename(1-4).xlsx

Yesterday the same download gave a file : filename.xlsx which contained merged data from the different responders.


I don't know exactly what I have done wrong, but as long as I can have good result files I'm OK.