MS Forms Pro – Unable to update connection string after deployment

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Hi Community,

I am integrating MS Forms Pro Survey with CRM Dynamics 365 using flow.

User A developed a MS Forms Survey in DEV environment and consumed same in MS Flow.

After we deployed the MS Form and flow from DEV to Test and tried to update the connection string created by user B,

We are not able to see the Survey from and Email template created.

Below are the SC.

I have already shared the Survey Forms with user B in Test.




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@Anish4269 Hi Anish, I think this has to do with the ownership of the survey. I have posted a similar question on this forum this weekend. I expect your user B can also not see the survey on the DEV environment as that user is not the acutal owner in the Forms Pro Services.


Hope your issue will be solved soon, cause maybe mine will be solved by that too :)


Good luck!