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Hi, I am new to Forms and I need to leverage this in a global survey. I created a test survey with 4 respondents and right after,I noticed that the BI analytics/visualization results do not show up. Page just keeps on loading and will show blank like the attached. I tried some simple troubleshooting but ended up with the same. Am I missing some steps? Or do I need to install some more apps? Please advise. 

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@mrodriguez16  I am having the exact same issue.  I posted a message a week ago, but no response or solution to date.  What is odd is my first two "test" surveys still function correctly, it's anything created subsequent to those that are blank.  All the Question-Wise charts and graphs are blank as well.  Hope someone will get back to us with a solution as I have a survey that must go out tomorrow.  Not having that piece ruins the whole trial of this product.  :(