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Hi there,

is it possible to give one point for each correct answer per question? (multiple answers)
For example:
One question with five possible answer options:
3 answers are correct, 2 answers are false
5 points in total = wish: for each correct answer 1 point
status at the moment: if I add "5 points" to the question, the 5 points will only be given, if all answers are correct.
if two answers are selected correct and three answers are selected false (which equals only one false answer, because only two answers should be selected as false) instead of four points (two for the two correct and two for the two false selected answers) ZERO points are given!

I hope I explained it clearly :D

Thank you so much

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@JaWa1478 that scoring system is not possible currently with Forms.


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@JaWa1478  Yes, this is an important capability.  Scoring should not be "all or nothing".  If I get 7 of 10 correct, I should get 7 points, instead of no points because I got 3 wrong.  It is a very basic quiz scoring structure.  And yes, not checking a box that should not be checked, counts as correct and earns 1 of the 10 points in the question.  Here's an example.  A basic categorization question.  10 things belong in the bucket, 10 things do not.  You should get one point for correctly each thing that does or does not belong in the bucket.  You shouldn't get 0 points because you got 19 out of 20 correct.