MS Forms - notifications fail to send

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Hi all


I'm having issues with 'Get email notification of each response'.


It has been working a dream, with an Outlook rule set up to fwd this onto others that need it. 


But it's randomly stopped sending. I've checked 'Settings'; still all OK. I've sent a 'Test' submission. Nothing. I've checked 'Junk' - nope!


Any ideas from anyone?


Thanks you!!


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@TommyTremor at my company we never use the notification option in Forms but always use a flow in Power Automate to send an email out to one or more people. A very simple example of a flow that gets the form response and sends out an email is shown below. It also means that we can send an email to the responder with confirmation of what they submited in the form.



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Thank you @RobElliott !!


I've gone away and set up some flows for the forms that are causing me problems. Great suggestion ;)