MS Forms Likert question not displaying properly within MS Teams

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I created a form with a Likert question. I attached the Form within MS Teams to make it accessible by my staff. However, the Likert question does not appear correctly. I have not had an issue until just today. It's been appearing normally for several months.


Here is what it is supposed to look like (appears normal on the Form itself, just not when within MS Teams):



Here is what it appears like, with errors, within MS Teams:



Can someone help me understand why this is and how to fix it?

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@EmmittS3 Just to piggyback on this that I am seeing the same issue. My long running form has seen this error crop up starting somewhere between Aug 20-30th. Workaround for now is having staff fill out the form via browser where it looks fine, but this is not ideal. I have tried re-doing the likert questions on the form, un-pinning and re-pinning to the Teams Channel to no avail! Microsoft please fix!

@AndyMan608 Thanks. Any word from Microsoft? I love the forum stuff, but I wish I could speak with a Microsoft tech with screen share for a "fix-it now or today" kind of interaction when needed.

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Saw a post today, they are now aware of the issue and said they will fix asap