MS Forms - embedded stream vidoes for externals don't work

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Hi all,

In short, I want to use Forms to create exams that will then be sent/released to people outside of our organization.

If I add a video now (with the buildin Stream URL feature), external people get an access error (access denied) or they have to sign in with a Microsoft account.


Sharing from Stream itself with the appropriate link works without any problems, but if I embed the video using Forms (insert video URL), I have the above result.


Has anyone ever gotten this to work and if so how?


Edit: The exam itself works fine, just the embedded video is not shown and goes with this errors.


Kind regards

Lutz Georgi

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I've spent hours trying to get Microsoft Stream videos to work in forms. I'll get it to work for a bit, and then later it says the user needs to log in to view the video, and when they log in, nothing happens. Several browsers, permissions changes, everything. Simply is broken. Forms is so half-baked and useless. 


Also, if you use YouTube videos instead of stream then it seems to work fine. However, for me, I cannot upload internal corporate videos to a public site such as YouTube.

Yes, thats a pitty.

I read somewhere that Stream actually have problems to share videos in Forms without any permissions (for external exams for example). I played also around and tried to use OneDrive links (what sometimes seems to work better than the Stream URL's). But i still have issues that even logged in users can't see the videos because different sharepoint errors (mostly permission errors) or the browsers need to open the video in a new tab (Firefox).

And all this without any use of a complicated permission system in our organisation. Just make a form, put a video on Stream, share it with "Organisation Members" and then share the form with them. After all this i have 4 different results on 4 different browsers. Sorry Microsoft, but this is a mess.

I also spend alot of time to make nice forms for externals. Totaly senceless..

Don't get me wrong, in my eyes MS Forms is a really nice software and works like a charm - until u try to put a simple video in it :(

I have also just spent an entire morning doing exactly what you describe with no working results. I've tried sharing via Steam, Google Drive Onedrive and so on. The link works fine even in an incognito browser but not in Microsoft forms. If I publish the video on Youtube, it works, but then on the other hand I get a lot of advertising. Everything else in the form works great except for the small detail with the video. I also tried turning the document into a Google form, but unfortunately Google has no support for embedding a video at all, only a link to one. It's a shame that our company pays for Office 365 and yet the form doesn't work properly...
Yes, and until now no solution or even a single sign of life from Microsoft.

@LGeorgiIT I have been having this problem on and off for some reason. It has something to do with the permissions of the main file that seems to revert back after setting it up. I am not sure what is causing the error. But it probably helps to use your own drive with access to MS Streams.



I observed that this is a very silly MS bug on Forms if you are embedding MS Stream (sharepoint) video that is public facing.


When you first land on the forms page, the video will not load

Only when you force open the MS stream video in a new page, 

and you navigate back to the MS forms page, 


then the MS Stream video will be shown properly in the form 


See my replication.



Thank you very much!

I hope Microsoft see this and do something about that.

Thanks Greggchen for the tip :)

I have requested our supplier to initiate a case with microsoft. But apparently it was routed to the wrong department. Here is the answer we received:

Microsoft Support

18 okt. 2023 08:33 CEST

Hi Khaled,
Hope this email finds you well.
This is Amatus, Technical Support Engineer from Microsoft O365 Support. We are writing to inform you about the status of your support case with Microsoft 365 Support. We value your business and are committed to providing exceptional support to our customers.
We are really concerned about your queries and would like to guide you to have correct and efficient support. As we are a break-fix support and this issue appears to be a per design behavior, hereby request you to submit a feature request to our product. They will take it into consideration and perhaps add in the next release.

You can refer to this link Microsoft Forms · Community to submit the feedback.

Best regards, 


Amatus Hirwa

Microsoft 365 Support Engineer

Working Hours: 9 AM - 6:00 PM UTC +8 | Monday - Friday

My Team Lead | Corneille Alimasi Omari | Email email address removed for privacy reasons

My Team Manager | MD Kamrul Likhon | Email email address removed for privacy reasons

My Technical Advisor | Ambarish | Email email address removed for privacy reasons

@Magnus_Spjelkavik Thank you !


I appended my feedback in this thread


Play video linked from Stream on SharePoint in the Form · Community (


Pls upvote this feature request to gather more votes