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Hi all,

I use Lansweeper as my helpdesk and the management have asked for a customer satisfaction survey to be sent out when we close a call, which I am doing in Forms, no problem, however the issue I am having is, how do I add the ticket number to the URL of the survey, then how can I extract that and put it directly into the call?

We need to have the ticket number added to the survey, does anyone know of a dynamic way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


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@Tim_Holmes_1973 there is no dynamic way to do that with Microsoft Forms. If you append the ticket number to the url you will get a "this form doesn't exist" error. Also you can't pre-populate information in a standard form (compared to say a form in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice which is what Forms Pro is now called).


What we have done in the past is to use a flow in Power Automate to send the email with the link to the form and for that flow to add the ticket number into the subject and body of the email. And it requests the recipient to note that ticket number. Then to identify who has completed the survey we have mandatory questions for the name, email address and the ticket number you sent them. A separate flow then grabs each response and saves it into a SharePoint list.


naturally the recipient will say "well they sent me the survey so they must know I am and what my ticket number is!" But unfortunately there is no way round the rather clunky method.


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