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I am looking for MS Forms API documentation where I can find out more information about the implementation. 

How do we authenticate our system against the MS Forms API where the implementation occurs?

Where do all the responses in MS Forms get stored? 

Is it possible to purge the responses of MS Form from the persistence storage?

Much appreciated!

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@hedecan there's very little documentation out there but you can view the forum response here which will give you some info.


The responses are stored depending on your location, so that could be UK, Europe, Australsia, North America etc.


You can delete all the responses for a form with a flow in Power Automate that sends an HTTP request to the api:








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Thanks @RobElliott 


Regarding the data storage location, is that linked to the Azure tenant's location or any other condition?


I just want to make sure it is located within Australia where I am located.