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I am trying to send a custom email to each person I need to respond to a MS form. How can I do this using MS Flows? 

This is not when they respond but a email message to request respond to survey


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@Lisa1234 the flow for this is very simple but you'll need to have your list of email addresses in a spreadsheet table or, preferably, in a single line of text column in a SharePoint list:




Then for your flow in Power Automate the trigger will be "Manually trigger a flow".


The first action is a SharePoint "Get items" action to get each of the people from the SharePoint list. If your list has more than 100 items in it click the 3 dots in the top right of the action (circled in red below), click the Pagination toggle and enter a number that's higher than the number of items in the list (this is because by default the Get items action only brings back 100 items).


Next add an "Apply to each" action, in the Select... field and from the dynamic content box that appears on the right select value.


Still in the Apply to each, add a "Send an email (v2)" action. Add in the contents you want for the email and click the link icon (circled in red), add the title for the link and then in the Link Target field paste in the link to your form from the Share button in Microsoft Forms.



 The email result is below:


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