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Me having a MS form which is linked to Power automate Flow. After entering the details and MS form submission , email is triggered of the details entered in MS form and with Power automate approval action card for Approve /Reject . Once Approve or reject function is clicked by approver , one more email is triggered with Approval /rejections comments along with approver name , and the details which are there in the MS form. Details are populated in Onedrive excel. 


Can we also see of getting a reference number of the Submitted MS form through Power automate ?


if yes , then can you please let me know what changes needs to be done in Power automate flow or atleast action card which i need to use ?



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@ABHIJEET14 you don't need 2 flows, this can all be done with just 1 flow:


  • After the "when a new response is submitted" trigger add the "get response details" action.
  • Add a compose action, click in it and select Response Id from the dynamic content box.
  • Add the "add a row into a table" Excel action.
  • Add a start and "wait for an approval" action. If you want the ID of the form submission select the outputs of the Compose action you added earlier.
  • Add the Excel "update a row" action and select Outcome, Completion date, Approver name and Comments (of course you'll need to have created these columns in your spreadsheet)
  • Add the "send an email" action. Again, you can add the outcome of the earlier compose action to it.

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just use the start and wait for an approval action and the approve/reject decision and comments can be saved into your spreadsheet