MS form record content and replied to that content to sharepoint list

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Hi fellow humans, 


I'm hoping if someone can light me in the right direction. 


I have a Microsoft form that is accessible only for our members, which users can fillup when required.  

and it goes for approval to the creator of the form. right now it records those content to SharePoint list. 


what I would like if the creator approves it and leaves a comment, I would like that content to go to same SharePoint list on same line. 

Is that something possible ..? just trying to automate so the creator doesn't have to go and leave comment to sharepoint list. 


I hope someone can point me into right place. 


Thank you all 

Be safe 

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@mahipundir if i understood correct, seems like you've already set up some automated flow between forms and sharepoint to record the responses. The only ask is to extract comments in Froms to sharepoint? 

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@mahipundir  In your SharePoint list add columns for the approver's name, date of approve/reject and approver's comments . Then in your flow in Power Automate that saves the form response to the SharePoint list you need to add a Start and Wait for Approval action. You can include the answers from the response so that the approver doesn't have to go into the list itself but can approve/reject and add comments from within the approval email.


The next action in the flow should be an Udate item action that records the approval details and comments.







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