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Is it possible to limit the number of responses on a MS form? Lets say I have 10 spaces for an event. Once the form has been filled out 10 times it stops accepting responses. Also, is it possible to do the same on a specific questions. Users have an option to sign up for a class. Once those spaces are filled it removes that option from the question.


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Almost 4 years passed and we still 'catch left ear by left hand through right arm' . Is it a hard challenge to put an option 'total number of responses' , which deactivate response after reaching the limit ?
This feature is still much needed, please add this as on MS Form. Using Power Automate to achieve this is too complicated for what it does.

@RobElliott this is great, but I am unsure how to set the sp list up first, we have no attendees yet as have been struggling getting this working on forms. Is there anyway someone can post instructions on setting up a sp list please which coincides with the flow. We are currently using bookings, but that has niggles.

It’s been 5 years since I made this request somewhere on this site. Stille no solutions. My advise is to use Moodle or Google Forms, for this feature, it will cost you two days to figure it (an hour with Google Forms) out but that is still less than an Office solution.
Is there a way to do this via Google Forms without paying for a plug-in?