Moving options up and down in a list

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Can a button be added to move change the order of options in a list. I might have 5 options, but then decide the logical place for the last option is actually the first option. I would then need to re-enter or a lot of copy / paste to move the options to the correct place. A button to enable the options to be move would save lots of time. Thanks.
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Was this ever resolved? I have a question with an ever growing list of possible answers that must be displayed in alphabetical order and not being able to move the answers up and down as required is an enormous hassle.

there are two arrows on the text box (top right) that allow you to move the question up or down the list

Ah sorry I should have been more clear. I would like to change the order of the potential answers to a question, not move the question itself.


Thanks you for the reply though.



sorry, realised what you meant as I hit the send button :)

six years later and this is still a problem. It would be great to be able to turn questions here into feature requests.
I've just come to find out this exact request. I'm going to have to rebuild a form to fix it at this rate.


And again some years later, I also struggle with this. Is there a possibility nowadays to (i) change the order of the options, like the order of questions can be moved up and down and/or (ii) a button for choosing an alphabetical order?