Moving Excel Data from MS Forms to a Different SharePoint Folder

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Dear All,


I would like to have your advice on how to move the Excel data of the responses of the MS Forms survey from the original folder to another. 

I have created a MS Forms survey and the response data is captured automatically in an Excel data file I created in my company's SharePoint Project folder (that is through create/open a blank Excel file in the folder and insert an MS form from the Excel file). After finalizing the Forms, I make a copy of the Forms and rename the Forms as the final Form to use. However, the Excel data generated from the final Form is saved in the Root folder of my Project Folder instead of the Subfolder where the original Excel file is generated.

I tried to move the new Excel response data file to the same Subfolder as the original data file. However, the new Excel data sheet in the subfolder is not capturing the new responses. I am able to generate a new Excel workbook which retains all previous responses through the methods below

How to get missing data in Forms ( .

However, the new Workbook created is still stored in the root folder of my project folder. 


My question is: is there anyway I can move the EXCEL workbook to an new subfolder without losing the data and still able to connect to the Forms and capture the new responses. How can reassign the folder where the Forms data will be stored? 


Thanks for any suggestions / advice. 


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