Moved a Form from My Forms to a Group, Link Broke

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I moved a From from My Forms to a Group and the old link has ceases to work.  Is it possible to have both links point to the form?


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Hi @PHagan,

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@Christopher Hoard 


"Will the link to my original (individual) form work after it's been transferred to a group?

Yes, the link pointing to the original form will still work after the form has been moved to a group. The response of a submitter who uses an old link (to the original form) will be captured in the Excel workbook stored on the group SharePoint Online page."




This article appears to state otherwise.  It says the old link will continue to work and push to the same Excel spreadsheet.  This was not the case for me.  I followed the steps here and it created a new link, but it broke the old link (see previous post image). 

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Persistent Links moving a personal form to a group form · Community (


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Hi @PHagan
I have encountered this same issue and we have printed loads of booklets with the original URL on them. Did you find a solution?

@oisinryan the main issue that we found in our company was that it broke flows in Power Automate. As a result we had to instruct staff to NEVER move a personal form to a Group one. I've not found any other solution so far.


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