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Can someone ell me if I'm missing something fundamental?

We have users who created Forms under their own O365 account in the Forms application. They now want to move them into a Teams channel to edit them there, and gather the subsequent data in Teams.


Moved Forms are not editable.

Sharing a link to collaborate doesn't move the data, or Form to Teams.

Sharing a link to duplicate doesn't work within Teams, it automatically opens your personal Forms application.


There needs to be an option to make a "moved" Form editable in Teams.


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Hi, @MartinCot 

Forms is associated to the user and not a specific Team. The Forms author can only specify who can answer the survey by going into ... (top right) and Settings


When added as a Tab in Teams, you can only have a fillable Form. 




..and that's the problem I outlined.


The answer sought is why should it be, not why does it happen?

You can create a new Form within Teams that is not associated with the user, why should it be that you cannot transfer "ownership" to a Team by moving a Form?



Got it. Here are the steps so that you can transfer ownership of a personal Form into a specific Teams workspace that members can edit.


Make sure to select Collaborate when adding the existing Form as a tab in Teams. You will have to run a test first if responses are already made before moving things over. 



Thanks @CaraMc1972. Hope the transfer worked out for you. 

@Fred Y 

Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to have found this solution.  I recently discovered how to add the Form inside of Teams, but I was missing the 'collaborate' steps.  You provided exactly the solution needed.  Thank you.