Missing date field from Form print preview

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Hi all, we are experiencing an issue in the last couple of days whereby the date field collected on a Microsoft Form does not appear in the print preview from the browser when we save as a PDF. It appears fine on the View Results page but then not on the printout strangely.


See screenshot below with field indicated in red. I've redacted the other fields. This is the same whether we use Chrome or Edge. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know!



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Hello @RobCVT,

I'm experiencing the same issue. I've also tried different browsers.


I am having the same problem!! Did you find a solution @RobCVT 

I have a user that also has seen this issue. When saving from form to PDF the date fields are saved as blank.  This just started to occur.  @RobCVT 

Having the same issue@RobCVT 

with my testing and my user's testing today, the problem seems to be resolved