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Missing 7 questions in Preview of Microsoft Forms? Error?

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Hi I was tasked with creating a google form to keep track of intake requests.


The form ended up being 17 questions. I can see all 17 questions when I'm in edit mode. 


However, as soon as I press preview, I can only see up to 10 questions. I've already tried to delete questions 11-17 and re-do them, but so far it doesn't seem to work. 

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@lluo100 The questions are missing because of branching. To fix it, select any question or at the right side of the section click (...) and choose "Add branching". On each question or at end of each section you should see Go to "Next".
If you see any other "section" or "End of the form" in Go to field, all questions between the selection will be skipped in the preview(user View). Hope it helps someone who is still looking for a solution.

@rajesh_gm is correct for this common fault.


Branching choices for a section can inadvertently be selected as "End of Form" rather than "Next", even if the form's author never selected any branching choices.  So, to fix this issue, you'll have to go to each section, and make sure that "Next" is selected for Branching for all sections except the last one.  Select "End of Form" for that one.


Hopefully this tip will prevent the aggravation my team went through.