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Microsoft office form add Time duration field

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In my form, I need a Time duration field. But Microsoft form provides only date format. 

How I can add Time duration field as google form provided?

I added the below Image of google form Time duration field. I want the same field in Microsoft form also.

Screenshot from 2020-11-12 09-44-51.png

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@EdisonDevadoss there's no way to do this yet but there are plenty of uservoice requests for it which you can vote for at


Los Gallardos
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Yep, just like @RobElliott said, there's no way to do that. Even with Regular Expressions, because Forms doesn't support them yet. RegEx are alowed in "Forms Pro" (now called Users Voice) but it requires a Dynamics 365 license. There you could format the expected answer to be like: [number][number]:[number][number] (just saying, this is not necesary correct), so users can only write answers looking like hours or time.


In my forms I just put a note asking users to format the answer, but I pledge everyday hoping they do not commit any mistake:




Hope this helps you.


Cheers and let's keep waiting Microsoft some day allows RegEx or time format questions. (We have being wating til 2016)