Microsoft Jigsaw lost purchased downloadable collections need to contact developer.

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case #'s 1501587403 and 1502196989.  Lost purchased jigsaw puzzles.  Stats show puzzles played = 672, puzzles completed = 536,  collections completed =3.  Spoke with different technicians on May 22, 26, 27 and 31.   First technician said, he could not find a way to  retrieve previously purchased puzzles.  On May 26,  I selected from "See all Collections" a collection previously purchased "Tour of Africa".  My options were to buy with coins, cash or "no thanks".  There was no option to just download.  I decided to repurchase with 6800 coins. When I opened  "Tour of Africa", all puzzles had already been completed. There seems to be a dis-connect with what I purchased over the previous years and now.   Looking for developer for Jigsaw.  had a similar problem a year or two ago and he was able to bring all purchased collections back into the "See all Collections" where I could download into "downloadable collections.  How can I retrieve previously purchased jigsaw collections?

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@Phyllis12876 this is the Microsoft Forms forum. I could be wrong but I don't think your issue is related to Microsoft Forms.


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Any idea who I should redirect this problem to?@RobElliott 

My Miscrosoft Zigsaw collections purchased puzzles keep disappearing, wanting me to purchase games again. It is very frustrating. Sometimes closing the app and reopening works but not always. Sometimes playing solitaire and they come back but, not always. I don't like ads but I will not purchase the ad free version with this problem. You all need to fix this problem, I know this is happening for a great deal of your customers. How do i fix this issue? Thank you.@Phyllis12876 

FYI There is no Microsoft troubleshooter in the store. I have searched the site, not found. @Phyllis12876 

I'm also having this problem, would have thought a big company like Microsoft would have done  intensive testing before adding their name to the program.@Pandy14816

I also have this problem. I did clean upgrade to Windows 11 and lost everything. But when re-purchasing or re-downloading 'Free' puzzles, the completed puzzles/history is still there. It also appears that some puzzles just disappeared completely from the all puzzles list. This game is a Microsoft sponsored title and Microsoft needs to fix this issue. I bet thousands of people are impacted by this. If Microsoft continues to do nothing about it this should be a class action lawsuit as it's impacting a lot of people. For anyone upgrading computers or performing a clean install will have this issue.

@CrankyPants1900I have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution?

Instead of tolerating this poor piece of software, I recommend you check out where you will find a gazillion free puzzles, no ads, and software that works. It's much better than Microsoft Jigsaw. 

This is a Microsoft problem. I am missing Cars, Out of this World, Surfaces, and Northern Lights. I purchased them and did the hard puzzle on each of the collections. This is ridiculous. Please help anyone.


@ramsonmod I have had the same issue only last night. I downloaded a number of the jigsaw collections using my gold bars probably about 6-8 of them ready to have a peaceful day today working my way through them. They were there when I closed down last night, on collections. Now invisible!  Not impressed! Luckily I did not pay cash for them or I would be extra upset.