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Hi everyone, 

I want to change my Customize thank you message .

I have gone into settings and cleared the text, but when I go back to review my questionnaire the old text still appears. I have tried to overwrite it by rewriting the new text but it still defaults to the first text that I put in. I have also selected the option for no thank you message but still defaults to the first message put in. Please I need help since this is an official forms that went out to ministries and so forth.

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@Adake146 sorry, I can't help, I've not seen that happen with forms.


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Is this issue occurring in only one specific form, or is it happening across all of your forms? I cannot reproduce the problem with my own forms.

@Dingkun XieJust with one specific Forms.

So it is changed in Forms when you click on the settings and Preview, the message appears correctly. But when you actually fill out the link sent out, the old message shows up. It is like it hasn't been synchronized...

If it is indeed a cache unsynchronization issue, it may be worth refraining from interacting with the form (e.g. opening, submitting) for a few hours. This will allow the cache to expire and the latest data to be loaded from the server.
Ok and how long would it take to be updated ? Because I haven't interacted with the forms in a couple of days and yet it still shows up with the old message.

It should only take a few hours to resolve the issue. If the issue persists after a few days, it's possible that there are other underlying problems that need to be addressed. I recommend contacting your IT department and filing a support ticket with Microsoft Forms. They will be able to assist you in investigating the problem and finding a solution.