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I created a form questionnaire. We have the option in this software to put a score per question. So we can get one in 100 results.


We needed to receive the results of this questionnaire by email so I used Power Automate to receive all the results of the questions by email. However, the score does not appear and I do not know where to choose this option to be able to view it on the email.

Thank you for your help

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@VeroniqueD it is not possible to get the total score of the quiz in Power Automate, and the total score column is not even populated in the spreadsheet of the responses so Microsoft have obviously had problems with this. I haven't tried it with a quiz but you would need to save all the responses into a list in SharePoint and then in another flow (triggered by When a new item is created) loop through the questions and with a condition or a switch if it was the correct answer then increment a variable by 1. You could then use the outcome of the variable - the total score - in your email.


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Thank you for your answer. But how can I put the answers of the Forms in Sharepoint? And after how can I have this result in power automate?