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Hi all!


I'm a teacher during isolation, and our school has set up a feedback for our teachers.


It has the observed teachers names, and you click the appropriate box, then it has the observers name, same process.


However, when you've typed in your feedback, the maker of the form gets an email saying that X has submitted feedback about Y.


My question is (and please be simple!) : Is there a way to automate this process so that the person being observed will get an email in their work inbox which contains the feedback from the observer?


Many thanks!

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@MrWindsorTeaches the only way to do this is with a (quite simple) flow in Power Automate. An example of a simple forms-to-email flow is:









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Thank you very much for this suggestion, I appreciate your quick response.


I will try this right now, I'm not at all well-versed with this so it may take me some time!


Thanks again

Okay @RobElliott - I'm making progress: 



I appreciate that I'm using your time here and patience, but - in layman's terms, what goes into the box labelled 'Original Mailbox Address'?


@MrWindsorTeaches :hearteyes: the email address of the shared mailbox you are sending from.