Microsoft Forms - Sorry, Something went wrong

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I have had 42 requests to volunteer at our charity that have been submitted via Microsoft Forms.


However, I am not able to access the responses to this form, or 4 others (and people are also no longer able to complete the forms).

I am wondering if there is any way to fix this (unfortunately it is also quite urgent for us)?



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@Andy4271 I'm having this same issue as well. I wonder if something is down today. Super frustrating. 

@Andy4271 Same issue here. Super urgent for me as I have to collect responses given today.
They are in the midst of a big outage but working on it. I just spoke w/someone at MSFT and they are very much aware of the issue as they are impacted also, crossing fingers it's resolved sooner vs later!!
As frustrating as it is, it is reassuring to know it isn't just me, thank you very much for sharing everyone