Microsoft Forms (Require Number in Text Field)

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I'm sure this probably a really simple question but how do I get Microsoft Forms to require a number entered as a text answer? The reason i'm asking is because I want to make an order form for monitor replacement for my school district but i'm finding that since its a text box they can enter anything. I had 3 responses that had questions and notes tacked into them and want to limit that for the future. Thanks 

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This is also driving me nuts about ms forms.  It's typical Microsoft....  create a solution that is based on excel, but don't provide a way to enter a number field.  The only available field is a text field and when it submits the data to the excel sheet, it saves it as text, so it is incredibly difficult to even analyze the data later.  Microsoft is very unorganized and their teams don't communicate with each other in their development, so I wouldn't expect any solutions anytime soon to such an obvious problem.