Microsoft Forms : "Form does not exist"

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We have created several forms for our company. A trainee also made one, and the answers provided are invaluable to us. 
His SharePoint account was deactivated a few months after he left, but I have had admin rights to the global SharePoint since the beginning. Today when I click on the link to access it a message appears indicating: "This form does not exist."
However, I did not delete this form, it was working 3 weeks ago and it still appears in the list of recent forms. Do you know what caused this error message? How can I get our work back? Thank you in advance for your answers.


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User content will be retained for at least 30 days after the account has been removed. After that period, the content will be permanently deleted from the backend server. Your case may fall into this category.
I don't understand.

He only created the form, but this one was created/stored on a sharepoint, with dedicated onedrive.

How can the forms be erased while it still stored on a OneDrive? Even if his account was deleted, I received an email explaining that I am the temporary owner of his onedrive, during almost 7 years.

Have we a Solution/protocol to follow to recover the data?

Microsoft Forms has a dedicated storage for its content, which is separate from ODSP (OneDrive SharePoint). When data sync is enabled for a form, only the Excel file is stored in ODSP, while the form definition and responses are stored in Microsoft Forms storage. Email you received should only mention the ODSP content, not the Microsoft Forms. You can raise a support ticket to ask PG to help to restore your content. It's possible to restore if the content is in a soft-deleted state, but there is no way to restore it if the content has been permanently deleted.

OK understood.

Could you please give me the link to raise a support ticket?
And how can we make a feedback to soft engineering, because I'm not the only one encountering this issue (as seen on Microsoft Forum in France), and some companies are using Forms as us, with potential loss of traceability.
You can contact your IT admin to raise a support ticket. This KB article has details on how to do that: Additionally, you can submit a DCR (Design Change Request) through the same channel for your request.