Microsoft Forms Quiz features request

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I want to suggest the following features to be added to Microsoft Forms Quiz:

  1. Ability to create quiz from Bank of Questions; where the instructor can create multiple questions as a DB, and when he want to create new Quiz, system will offer the option to create from this DB (Bank of Questions) 
  2. Ability to display one question at a time; where the instructor can choose an option to display question at a time, and the student can see only one question and navigate back, next and flag the question for later review.
  3. Ability to restrict the question abd limit it by timer; where the instructor can choose to limit the question by time limit and a countdown timer will be displayed for the student.
  4. Must open Microphone and/or Camera; where the instructor can choose to enable this feature, and if enabled, students cannot attend this quiz without  Microphone and/or Camera is enabled.
  5. New option to be added with the name (Exam) instead of quiz, where the instructor can create Assignment, Quiz or Exam; like for final and mid-term, where students, instructors and Admins can keep a records and filter by these 3 types.

Can anyone help to check if these features are available? and if not how to pass it to Microsoft to but it on the roadmap  

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