Microsoft Forms Problems

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Hello All,


I'm once again having an issue with Microsoft Forms, which is driving me bananas!


Whenever either me or my colleague attempt to access forms, we get the following error:


Your account is not enabled for Microsoft Forms
Please contact your administrator for access, or switch to an authorised account.
We've never had this particular error (as far as I recall) but we did have other problems with Forms over the last few months. We did have Forms Pro Preview but it was fraught with errors so we deactivated it and went back to original Forms.
I have checked the licenses on the admin portal, checked the app is active at org and user level and I even tried deactivating the app at user level and reactivating it - with no success. 
The reason it's such a problem is that we're using Forms for our appraisal process just now as an interim measure, as our performance system is having problems that won't be resolved until August 2019. I'm loathed to have to report to the business that our interim process using Forms is also not working!
Can someone please come back to me and let me know what the state of play is as soon as possible - I'd be hugely grateful if it can get solved quickly, so we have a minimal impact on our appraisal process?
Thank you for your help!
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I too am having the exact same issue here this morning. I'm using it for a research project and now unable to access. Have also checked settings and permissions too. All other Microsoft applications working fine. It is only Forms that is having difficulties. I hope someone can help us to fix this.



Just to update, looks like this is working again now, problem resolved... @Nicholas_DBG

@TheSoundLady Thank you for letting me know - I can breathe a sigh of relief now!


I hope your research project goes okay and that Forms doesn't 'throw another wobbler' that causes you any issues going forward.


Perhaps some kind soul from Microsoft can read this and come back to us to let us know why Forms has been having such problems and fluctuations in its service and usability, so that we as Admins and Users can take any potential service interruptions into consideration when deploying an application as part of our organisational plans?


Many thanks,


I'm still having issues accessing Forms. I see you deactivated Forms Pro. Can you tell me how to do that? Maybe it will help with my connection issue.