Microsoft forms pro problems with response listing

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I am in the trial period of forms pro and am trying to review responses and print a summary list of responses.  I don't seem to have the three little ellipses that are supposed to let you choose  print a summary.  This is what it says on the help page

On the Responses tab, click the ellipses button (...), and then select Print Summary.


Can someone tell me why I cant see any ellipses?

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Which browser are you using? @jules59 

HI, I am using Chrome

@jules59 do you have another browser you can try? 


Also to confirm, its this here you don't see on your survey results?


I see it ok in Chrome on Windows 10.

@jules59 - the print option is not available in Forms Pro - only with Forms. This link might be of interest which covers the differences between the two: