Microsoft Forms now GA for commercial tenants

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Microsoft Forms is now out of preview and is GA for commercial tenants! This is per the Message center announcement.


"Microsoft Forms is no longer in Preview and will soon be available to your organization. Starting February 15, users will begin seeing Microsoft Forms in the Office 365 App launcher.  We'll be gradually rolling this out starting February 15, and the roll out will be completed by the end of February."


Great news indeed.  Would be useful to get some updates on the service, new information has been a bit sparse, also information on things like limits that have been asked about a fair bit.  Anway congrats to the Forms team for reaching this milestone!

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I am from Germany and we already looked thru the Preview. So far this tool is not possible to use in Germany or EU at all with these features. So it would be great if you could provide more information how it will look like by February and what kind of administration features we will have. Right now our complaince and law office won’t give us permission to roll it out. Because you can see what people answer ( no go here), you can’t just send an anonymous survey in your own Tenant but not outside. Please give more information what’s upcoming and be a little bit aware of what you are dealing with. Right now it looks like you don’t care about your customers. Other office 365 teams are likely more interested in sharing information and upcoming features.