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Hi @Deleted


In answer to your questions:


  1. There's no way that I am aware of to have the user choose a language at the beginning of the survey. Forms doesn't have that ability (yet) but the product is continuing to evolve so things can/will change.
  2. I'd probably be doing what you have suggested and have the survey drawn up in different languages to send out. The advantage there is that each survey will only have the target language in it whereas if it was all mixed into the same survey, your results would show in many different languages!

Hope this helps in some way to consider your next step!


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The issue I see with creating a different Survey for each language is that I need then to "manually" reconcile results ...


I do hope Microsoft Forms will evolve soon to give the ability to put different labels in different languages on the same questions ...



+1 here, this feature is a must in our organization !

@Patric Côté 


The preview of Forms Pro now supports multilingual forms. Have a play with it and see if this meets your needs?






@Damien Rosario 


Thanks a lot for the answer !  I just tried Forms Pro and it works like a charm.  I just need to know :


1. Can I use it in my organization since Forms Pro might not be part of our package. 

2. My user now indicate (Upgrade), not sure why.

3. Can I go in production with a form made with Forms Pro?  Will this option stops working for me anytime soon since it is still in Preview ?


Thanks again!


Patric Côté 

Hi @Patric Côté 


Apologies for the delayed response as I've been away on sick leave.


Here are some resources that can help you to get an idea of Forms Pro.


The blog below has details around what pricing options are available and other FAQs on Forms Pro:


Here's a link to sign on to Forms Pro for testing: is a link to the official Forms Pro site.


@Kathy Liu posted the Forms Pro blog so she may have more info if you wish to ask?


Hope that helps.




works perfectly, many thanks !

Glad I could be of assistance @jean-marieberger 


Best wishes to all with Forms!




@Damien Rosario


Is there a multi-language enhancement planned for quizzes?

Does anyone know?




@PhilSiemensNbg there is nothing showing on the roadmap for this but there is a uservoice request you can vote for here.


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