Microsoft Forms jumps to the top of the page when editting

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I've created what is so far a very basic form with one section and a multiple choice question in the form. As I add new options for the multiple choice, the form keeps jumping to the top of the page - it seems to be whilst it is "saving". This issue seems very similar to:


This is very frustrating as I have a lot of questions to add and what I'm editting keeps jumping out of view as the page resets to the top.

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I am having this exact same issue right now. Makes the program unusable. @nicksutcliffe_q 

@Joe_Winkelbauer I think I got rid of this by completely closing my browser and then going back to the form.

Thank you! That might have worked.
Me too - very annoying
I just wanna put a heads up (if there's an admin who will check this thread), that it's still a problem for me in 2022. I tried the suggestion of closing the browser and reopening it but it still jumps to the top. I hope this can be fixed... I really prefer MS because it's neat but sadly it's pretty much useless for me now.