Microsoft Forms: Issues with Formatting and Pre-Populated Responses

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I have created a survey using Forms to send to colleagues.  I sent it to a few colleagues to test it out, and they told me that they had the following issues:

1. Formatting - some words were cut off or moved to the next line 

2. Some of the answer selections were already chosen when they opened the link


The thing that is odd is that only some people experienced one or both of the issues.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Is there a fix for either issue?



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Hi @hardyym 


I haven't personally experienced this, but if it's possible for the users to do, they could close the web browser tab and open the link again to restart the form (F5 refresh will not work).


It may resolve the issue by reloading the form with blank answers (it will lose any previously entered info too).


Best wishes


Hi @hardyym ,


I have just created a form and I am experiencing the same issue regarding formatting. Half the word appears on one line and then continues over to the next line. Did you manage to solve this please?