Microsoft Forms is Down

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Good afternoon. We are using MS Forms for a company survey. The Microsoft Forms site is not reachable at this time (3/22/2019 1:00 Eastern Time).


This is the second time this week that we have experienced an outage. What is the average up time of Forms? I need a reliable survey taking tool and may need to switch to survey monkey if this is normal.


Thank you

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@JPVerge  -- We use Microsoft Forms on a daily basis for our organization, and I haven't been able to get into it since just before 1 pm EST today.  I Bing'd the issue and was forwarded to your discussion link.  


I just wanted to add to this, so Microsoft would know that this is a real issue that others are experiencing.

@swp68 I don't know where you are based but here in the UK it has been working fine all day today.

@JPVerge  I work in the Ontario Government, and we also are using the cloud and I have been experiencing the same problem.  I have logged 2 tickets internally, but it seems to be beyond our organization.


I first noticed it at 12 EST, and decided to go for lunch and it is still persisting.  It came up for about 5 minutes and crashed again, about 15 minutes ago.


I also found this thread through a Google Search.

@JPVerge   We use Forms on the daily here as well and I have had issues accessing the site for most of the day today.  I am getting an error message stating "this site can't be reached".  I was having issues when working with Microsoft Flow with getting the form fields to populate when creating the flow.  I feel it was due to the same issue.

@hwoods My Flow was also having problems, which I assumed was connected to the Forms being down.

@Ryan_Sitch_Ontario Down for us as well. Unreachable.

@riosmc BACK UP!

@riosmc It did come back up for me as well!  Thanks to everyone for the information and updates.  Fingers crossed!!

We are in the states. Charleston, South Carolina.