Microsoft Forms in Meetings in Teams - wont send

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I have been trying to figure out how to utilise Microsoft Forms during calls with multiple members of our sales force worldwide on conference training.

I want to be able to survey them at certain points. I have been able to successfully enable to app to open a form in 'chat' and in 'teams' but not live in 'meetings'.

When I select the bot @Forms during my meetings it allows me to generate a question but the 'send' button is greyed out.

Any idea why, or how we can rectify this issue?

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@lewisgrimes  if the meeting was created in a Teams Channel, then you will be able to send the Form.

Also, if it is created in a teams channel, the Form will show up in the chat on the right side.  If you try to use Polly for the poll, it will not show up in the conversation, you will have to find it in the Channel itself and go outside the meeting to see it.

Not sure if these are bugs are by design, but it sure would be nice to take a survey of people even if the meeting wasn't created in a Channel.

Hi @lewisgrimes 


Forms may not be fit for purpose in this instance.


You can try live polling software like Mentimeter (it's free to use) which you can control when people can see and access the poll and you can drive which question they do and when. It's all via their mobile phone as the voting device using their web browser.


It would be a good way to go and something I have used in my meetings. 


Forms is more for capturing results and letting people go at their own pace so it wouldn't help you to use it short of creating individual quizzes with the single question and releasing the form when you want them to fill it in (which is also an option).


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@Damien Rosario 

We managed to use this successfully:
1. In the teams meeting, create at least one message in the conversations.
2. Then go outside the meeting in Teams, go to the chat for the meeting

3. Use the Polly app to post your poll

4. It will go into the Teams meeting chat for everyone else to see.

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Hello @lewisgrimes 


Thank you for your feedback. We have fixed this issue in recent days. Please check if the issue still exists.

If yes, please tell me. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Thanks for the information. I guess this explains why I cannot use forms in my meetings which are mostly created from outlook. Really wish there is a workaround