Microsoft Forms feature feedback - Best Practice in Teams (Pulse Survey Templates)


In June, Microsoft Forms released a new integration feature which name is Pulse Survey Templates

[Feature Feedback]

We'd like to ask for your feedback about the new feature, please click the link to fill in a survey.

Thank you so much!


[Feature Introduction]

During this time many companies are working remotely and need to collect information from their employee base while planning for their eventual return to the office. We’ve received  feedback that many Teams users are looking for an app that enables them to push pulse surveys to their employees on a regular basis. Based on this feedback, we have designed several templates for common scenarios to help teams create and share surveys in their Teams channels. We have designed templates for the following scenarios:


  • Employee sentiment 
  • Employee Issues and Challenges 
  • Employee Health Status


These templates include controls that allow survey designers to choose the frequency of sending and set reminders for the team channel to complete. To get started, click here. 


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@Yichen_Zhao Will this ever become available? It is November and I am still not able to set it up...