Microsoft Forms External Sharing Disabled

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After enabling file attachment in the microsoft forms, the external sharing is disabled. Is that possible to share the form with outside organization people.






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@j0rt3g4  Yes the option is there from two years before. But our requirement is upload should be available for external users.  

I completely understand that security may be an issue, and that would be a concern of mine. However Microsoft has worked it out for uploads to SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook. I don't expect this to be a quick fix, but I'm sure there is a brilliant programmer who could initiate a security protocol (something like ATP) that would scan all attachments being uploaded. I would just like to know they understand it's a need and are working on it.
During pendemic we need visitor to upload their proof of covid test, sadly this doesn't work for external. My workaround is when the form is generate, use the automate system to give them a link. Or give a link in the thank you page (but I didn't try this yet).

This is indeed a huge problem and the reason why Microsoft Forms is useless. I would gladly pay an extra fee if they had the feature, google forms has it, so no clue why Microsoft doesn't.

3 years laters... and still no change, sad :unamused: