Microsoft Forms Error Message

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I am a teacher and trying to give feedback to students that have answered on the Forms I have created. Now I get this error message and cannot get in to forms at all.


Sorry, something went wrong
There's too many actions being performed at the moment on your form. Please come back to your form later and try again.
I've signed out, closed all tabs, and restarted twice. Not sure what else to do?
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Same problem with another teacher here. Is this only a temporary problem?

My Forms started working again after about an hour or so. @MariusPretorius 

Another teacher here. Same problem. Ready to tear the hair from my quickly balding scalp!

Yet another teacher here, having the same issue. Guess I'm not going to catch up on grading today? :sad:

Resolved here as well, after some time, without any intervention.
This is a recurring issue for me... when I'm editing a form it gives me the message in browser so I know to stop editing as it won't save my work. However when I'm issuing feedback through teams it doesn't tell me theres been an error until I'm finished.

I've marked the same homework twice over now with half of the pupils feedback not saved. I then get locked out of forms for half the day....