Microsoft Forms error code

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Hi, my microsoft forms suddenly stopped working. There error code displayed is 

Session id: b10fc335-cc7d-45bf-add7-3a09a550c042, Correlation id: 43b18e9b-4ff8-4524-80bd-a3c224c04b1c
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there is a problem with the service and they are working on a fix, you can view the status here:

thanks it is working now. @HotCakeX 

Great :)

Hi @HotCakeX 

I have created a quiz and added a timer so that attendees finish it up within a time limit and who exceeds time limit their quiz gets submitted automatically but people who opened it and couldn't respond it in time, I cannot see their response neither can they see their own responses. They are getting an error 
Session id: ef78a478-a60f-4d71-827d-9487c36e6559

Can you please help me with this?