Microsoft Forms Date Tab on Mobile

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Hello everyone,


I am currently experiencing a problem with Microsoft Forms.
The problem is related to the date field (to choose a date).


Indeed, when an user tries to put a date, the tab of the date opens very strangely on the mobile format. (attached photo).


Do you know how to fix the problem?


Best regards,

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I am having the same issue, the calendar opens, but you can't really see it to select a date.

Also experiencing the same problem.


Date picker worked fine immediately after the form was created but started "malfunctioning" a day after.

I have the same problem on all my Android mobile devices. Date picker does not overlay other fields so you cannot pick a date. Wen you try the same on Chrome browser on PC, it works.

Regards, Erwin

Please help us - we've been utilizing Forms for reporting and we have increased our productivity. How can we fix this issue? I don't want to change the field for date to text as I want it to be uniform across all users even if I add a sub title of the date format.

@Remi75  Also having the same problem; have tweeted MS so hopefully they will become aware of this issue soon.

I created a ticket with support and they said the product team is aware of the bug and working to fix it, but no ETA for the fix yet.

I have the same issue with the Date Picker... it works in the desktop but not in Mobiles

Same problem here. Seems like a frontend issue.

Please, solve it because we don´t want to change all our forms to text fields and our dependent data workflows.

We are also experiencing this issue.


I am hoping that it is resolved ASAP because we had intended to roll out mobile access to the form using the QR code next month. I have tried rearranging the questions so that the date input is last, but it does not flow logically and the "submit" button is still in the way.


Changing the option to text also interferes with existing flows.

@TDiggs Same here - I did that as well but still SUBMIT button is the problem if we rearrange.

What I did as a work around is that I deleted the date field and replaced it with a text field and named the text field as date and added a sub title for date format - its just that if you do this, you will also be needing to edit your MS FLOW for email notification data not to get affected. Also challenge is that we do have tons of forms which takes time to those steps and once date field is up and running I will be needing to revert all date field to date picker.

Has anyone heard back from Microsoft on when they will fix this problem?

@mandydandy No, I haven't heard anything.

We track the data being entered by month and after attempting to substitute the date picker for manual text entry we discovered that the date is not tracked correctly when entered this way. Very frustrating.

@TDiggs It is working now! I am not sure how and when but I just tested it.

OMG, IT DOES! Yayyyyy!

It's working again also for me !