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I would like to know what data is stored where when using Microsoft Forms.


I know it is "stored inside the EU" if our tenant is EU-based,  but WHERE does Forms store the surveys a user has created on a user level, and the responses?,  and what other Microsoft 365 service is it dependent on?


Does the survey/responses storage change if transferring survey to a M365 Group?. 



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@Anders_Bergvall Microsoft don't provide details about exactly where their data centres are, so you won't get an answer like "all form responses are stored at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey". The only information they provide is at


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To ensure compliance with EU data protection regulations, Microsoft has set up multiple data centers within the EU to store customer data for EU-based tenants. While the specific details of these data centers are not publicly documented, they are used to maintain the security and privacy of customer data. In the event of ownership transfer in Microsoft Forms, the physical location of the data storage may change, but it will still remain within the boundaries of the EU and non-EU regions to ensure continued compliance with data protection regulations.
Yes this i already know, all i am looking for is some kind of official answer that i can actually use, like "The Forms data is stored securely inside the Microsoft Forms Service". OR that the data is stored in Azure Data something something. right now its like... Yeah.. the data is somewhere over there... i know its all encrypted in transit and rest.. but where is it RESTING :D
To learn more about the data residence and storage type for Microsoft Forms, you can contact your IT department to send a support ticket to the product team for further details. Once the request has been authorized, the product team will provide the answers you need for your tenant.