Microsoft Forms can only upload one file

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This form is internal use for our organisation. I have a file upload question however it only allows one file to be uploaded. I cannot find any settings to change this. Is this possible? I notice that we have two file upload questions so a user has uploaded one file in question 1 and another file in question 2. 


We have a workflow which gets the file from question 1 and sends it via email. However the file in question 2 is missed as this is saved to a different folder.


Is it possible to change this setting.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Update on above. The form is part of an Office 365 group. When I did a new form which is personal I added the upload file question. This allowed me to change the number of files which is what I need. Why is it not available for a group?
Ignore this I found out what to do.