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Good morning,


In Microsoft Forms (business account) I have created a form in which it is possible to click on a number of names. I would like to arrange the form so that the person whose name has been clicked will receive an email with a link to the completed form. 


Does anyone have any idea if this is possible and if so can I 'build' this in Power Automate?


Thanks in advance!



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@Pol25 what we always do with our Microsoft Forms at our company is - via a flow in Power Automate - to save them into a SharePoint list and then send the submitter an email with confirmation of the answers they gave in the form.






The SharePoint list item is then created. You need to have a column for each question. Next we get the file path of the image we are going to add to the email.




The flow uses parallel branching to (at the same time) 1) send the order to the person handling it, and 2) send the order confirmation back to the submitter.


The expression to display the image (in pink below) is: 



As we're adding an image to the email we need to use HTML tags. So before you start entering the body of the email click the code icon </>.




The email confirmation:




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Thanks I think this will work. I will get started with this and let you know.