Microsoft Forms and masquerading the email address

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We have some surveys that are accessed by QR Codes.  I would like to understand the branding possibilities of that, specifically using a different web server and domain and possibly i-framing the form. Or are we stuck using a Microsoft domain for all surveys?


More importantly, the email address interactions are being sent from is the email address for the Office 365 account. This is not branded correctly, and the domain is entirely inappropriate for this survey campaign. 


How can we specify/override the email address in the FROM header?

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@eepstein333 - hi. Are you using Forms or Forms Pro?


You can embed surveys in an iFrame - take a look here for an example:


At the moment, if you use the built in emailing functionality in Forms Pro, then you are correct in that the email will be sent using a Microsoft email address. If you want to send it from your own email account, you would need to use Microsoft Flow and use the Create an invitation step from the Forms Pro Connector. For more information you can take a look here:


Hope this helps!