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My organization recently transitioned from Google to Microsoft 365 which is great. However, I have a number of google forms that may organization used as referrals and these all need to be transitioned to Microsoft 365 Forms. My previous Google forms populated tables within google sheets and within these sheets I had inserted a column with a vlookup expression to reference another sheet or table to automatically populate a cell with the correct information based on the entry from the form. For example, the user of the google form would select their name in the form as the person completing the referral. Within the google sheet, I inserted a column (not included in the Form fields) to look up the users email address or other information, thus reducing the time it took to complete the Form. The expression in the google sheet is as follows,=ArrayFormula(IF(NOT(ISBLANK(B2:B)),VLOOKUP(B2:B,ReferralSource!A1:D18,2,False)))


I have recreated one of the Forms in Micorsoft 365 and have linked the Form to excel for business online using Power Automate. What I need is to recreate this process & expression in Microsoft 365 Forms/excel for business online so that as the excel table is populated by entries, so is this column that I've inserted. From there I would be able to use that field in further Flow steps, i.e. once their email is populated, I could create a new flow step to create a document, save the document and email the document to the person. 


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Hello, I'm sorry to have bothered you all. I have figured it out. When you create the excel table with the additional column with the expression needed (in my case a vlookup expression) the expressions is automatically applied to the rows as they are added by new entries. Thank you!