Microsoft Form used for Survey keeps Jumping on top of the page

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I am seeing this bug which was not there before. 

I have created a survey but has several branches. Now every time a branching option question is clicked, it keeps jumping/scrolling on top of the page. So the user will have to scroll back down. 


I know this was a known issue which was fixed in the past but this is recurring again. 

Any idea if there is a fix coming down the pipeline soon? or else I will have to look into other 3rd party option. 




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I am seeing the same thing on a branching Form that my company has been using for quite some time. Thank you for calling this out. @mofahim 

@Je30375 This keeps happening to me too. Microsoft HELP. This is terrible and makes the form unusable.



Same here. Started a few days ago (30 Mar-2023)

@mofahim I’m having the same issue. Is there any way to escalate to Microsoft?

Following this post, I am having the same issue.
Same problem here. Very annoying.

This is happening to myself and org aswell. Any help on fixing? @mofahim 

I am facing the same issue - i use multiple forms so this is very frustrating - any help would be great.
I am encountering this as well. This is very annoying.
I hope this could be fixed asap. It would help us a lot since this is the only platform we use to get feedbacks from customers.
I have same issue. I hope this is solved soon
I'm having the same issue and hope MS is working on a fix, we use a branching form throughout the whole day to log our customers.
Having the same issue! Glad to see it's not just me. Hopefully it will get fixed very soon.

@mofahim Thanks for posting - I am having the same problem.  This bug makes the forms unusable.

Having the same issue. Will make using some of the audit surveys impossible as it has 100+ questions. Will be impossible to use on a phone! Does anyone know what the fix for this issue was in the past? @@MS_2023 

@mofahim this is very frustrating, as the tool isn't as robust as Survey Monkey and now it has a new issue. Come on Microsoft - need a fix immediately!


I am having the same issue. Following for resolution.

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Hey Everyone, looks like the issue is fixed. Can you all please check.

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