Microsoft form how to get text box answer to add to overall percentage

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Hi. I have a form with multiple choice questions and text box questions. The multiple choice are autograded and contribute to the percentage score at the top of the page when I look at responses. When I add a score to the text box answers and they turn correct, why doesn't that contribute to the over all percentage? Or how do I make that happened. For eg. There are 10 multiple choice and 10 text questions. If they get all the multiple choice correct, the auto calculated percentage is 50%. If I score all the text box answers that make them correct, I want it to show 100%. But it remains at 50%. 

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I'm unable to reproduce the problem you described. Here are some snapshots from my test quiz.










hi @Dingkun Xie . I didnt give the questions any points, so a percentage appears at the top but only calculates the multiple choice. I then give the text questions a grade but it doesnt affect the % score. (the multiple choice are autograded)



It seems that if there is no score assigned to questions, the score percentages shown in 'Post scores' and 'Review answers' are not aligned. In my test, one shows 0% and the other shows 50%. I will file a bug to the product team to request a fix.


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